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Uninvited Guests EP

by Uninvited Guests

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Pegging Man 02:37
Haha, Come on over baby Let me talk to you for awhile I got a little story That’s sure to make you smile Baby let me lay it down up on you Why they call me a pegging man haha you dont even know the words that are about to unfold See baby I’m not your average everyday kinda lover Oh no no no yeah I’m a pegging man So here it is What you got to do Is take me home with you Baby Grab your astro-lube Oh and your big ten inch and oh baby do me Cause I’m a pegging man See I am not your average everyday lover Oh no no no Call me your pegging man See you looking at me kinda strange Like I might be a little deranged But baby you're in control bringing it from behind Oh baby baby baby Take me all night long Cause I am a pegging man Oh yeah I am not your average everyday lover Yeah I am a pegging man
Señorita 04:40
Señorita Oh my how your looking so lovely tonight You got those long lovely legs I could just wrap them up tight Señorita Let me buy you a cerveza or two Take these little white pills You’ll make my dream come true (chorus) Señorita Hold me closer Cause I dont wana I dont wana Be alone no more Señorita Señorita Don’t worry I will take care you I will put you individual ziplock bags You’ll stay fresh forever Señorita You will have nothing to fear at all And I will never I will never be alone again (chorus) (guitar solo) (chorus) Señorita I will keep you in my refrigerator Don’t mind my ex She’s just a little cold Señorita Your head will look so lovely on my nightstand Keep you forever I will never be alone again (chorus) Señorita (repeat)
Dastardly 01:30
Chorus They call me Dastardly Dastardly Dastardly Dastardly They call me Dastardly Dastardly Dastardly Dastardly Verse 1 Dark villain of your dreams My scheming is indiscreet Still women come my way Roaring at me with a Plead plead plead Verse 2 No need to worry, hey I never mislead Rope you up, you can’t get away Never put on a coat of chivalry Resolution Tie you up to a railroad track Twist my mustache and away I go yeah Dastardly, oh Dastardly (staccato verse) Proclamation Chorus Oh baby don’t you worry Sure your hero will come this way To bad though he’s riding the 5:03
Baby I got the blues Where did you go baby Why you running around on me baby Oh, why you do me wrong Oh baby you give me the blues blues so bad I got the blues Oh It’s Friday night And I woke up alone Baby your side of the bed oh It’s been cold for way too long (chorus) I got them blues Yeah I got them blues Oh how can you run around so much In those fancy high heeled shoes Now it's Saturday night And you out with the gals But when you come home You’re pussy is dripping with another man’s cum (chorus) Bring it down down down Bring it down down down Bring it down down down Down to the underground I caught your man sneaking out the back door He’s going to die Oh this I will make sure, cause (chorus) Now it’s Sunday morning comes And your putting on your best Don’t forget your dady’s pearls I don't think Jesus can forgive (chorus)


The Dirty blues dropping like an atomic wedgie being performed on your face. The Uninvited Guests jumped into Let em in studios in Brooklyn and recorded these songs in 10 hours. With crafty engineering hands of Camille and Alex.

Pegging man is all about a different kinda lover, take him by the hand and tie him down.
Señorita, lovely, lonely, but not that you’re in my life now baby.

Dastardly, you know him you love you, too bad you’re all tied up on the railroad track.

Run Around Blues, blinding blues rage about heartache, and the first blues song that David wrote, starting off as a 12 bar blues, and turning into this.


released July 17, 2015

Alberto de la Cruz - Grand Vizier
Sound guys: Camille and Alex
Photography / Video: Zélie Béout Zelie.beout@gmail.com
Lonirique Jack Loni
Mastering: Félix Baboulène

Recorded at Let em in Studios Brooklyn

Band members:
David Fleming - Vocal / Harmonica
Michael Perez - Guitar
Robert Eilam - Drums
Ariel Lagares - Bass

Special thanks to those who come out to the shows!


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Uninvited Guests New York, New York

Next Show: B.B Kinds Lucille's November 8th 9:30pm

Dirty dirty blues with a heavy rock influence the Uninvited Guests are here to make some noise. Hailing from New York City.
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